Hands Up Lake County 2021 Finalists

The Journey: Maryann and Olga visit Catherine Reese at Reese Ranch Retreat, 2021 First Prize Winner

Catherine Ann Reese – Reese Ranch Retreat

Ever-evolving is an excellent way to describe the history of Reese Ranch Retreat. What started as a photography studio turned into a lodging business. Catherine Ann Reese’s love for the beauty that nature and our area offer inspired her to create the ranch. The ranch is a serene and peaceful place where you can unplug from the excesses of everyday life and reconnect with yourself and those you love. They’re currently offering three unique guest lodging rentals, guided animal experiences with their animals – including Marvin, their zebra, goat yoga, and limited venue services.

They strive to offer a reliable, safe, and enjoyable experience for you and your family. By focusing on creating an atmosphere where people have fun together, they believe that the rest will follow.