Hands Up Lake County 2023 Finalists

Cinamon Vann – Wine in the Willows

With a clear vision in mind, Cinamon aims to elevate Wine in the Willows into a beloved destination that caters to locals and tourists throughout the year. The wine bar serves as a gathering place, offering a wide selection of local wines from various wineries in a single, convenient location. Moreover, it serves as a retail and tasting outlet for smaller wineries that lack their own dedicated tasting rooms, providing them with invaluable exposure to new customers and boosting sales.

Recognizing the need for improvements, Cinamon has plans to enhance the business operations and facility. Upgrades to furnishings and the bar area will improve customers’ comfort and safety, transforming the building into a versatile private event space. Marketing efforts will also be ramped up to increase visibility, including exterior signage, additional advertising, and printed collateral.