Hands Up Lake County 2023 Finalists

Claire & Michael Zimmerman – BiZi Bees Preschool

Claire’s dream is to create a well-established, private-based preschool that provides students with the essential education they need to transition confidently into kindergarten. To achieve this goal, she has been working diligently to create a hands-on learning environment where students can engage in activities, play, and explore real-life concepts. Claire believes in the power of experiential learning and constantly seeks ways to enhance her students’ educational experiences.

One example of Claire’s innovative approach is her recent study of bugs. Raising caterpillars and observing their transformation into butterflies created a captivating learning experience for her students. Such immersive activities foster a love for learning and encourage children to explore the world around them.

Claire’s commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching educational environment shines through in her tireless efforts to improve and expand her preschool. With her unwavering dedication, passion, and love for teaching, she is positively shaping the lives of her students and leaving a lasting impact on their educational journey.